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Services We Provide

Tooth Color Filling

The pediatric dentists at Northshore Kids Dental often recommend composite resin or tooth color fillings.

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Pediatric Dental Sealants

The pediatric dentists at Northshore Kids Dental often recommend composite resin or tooth color fillings.

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Dental Examination

At Northshore Kids Dental we believe that oral health must be part of a child’s daily routine.

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Happy Mothers

About us

Start Early to Keep that Smile Healthy

We specialize in treating children from ages one to eighteen and special needs individuals of all ages. Our goal is to team up with parents to promote a lifetime of dental health for your children and make each visit fun, safe, and comfortable. Dr. Amit Goyal is able to provide the latest treatment procedures in a kids friendly, digital office and has over ten years of experience treating children.

Come and experience a fun, clean, and wonderful pediatric dental office. We look forward to seeing you and your children!

Northshore Kids Dental located in Antioch can be easily reached from Concord, Bay Point, Walnut Creek, and Brentwood

What Set Us Apart


Unlike many other dental practices, not only do we allow parents to be present with their children during their appointments, we encourage it! Parental presence can help both you and your child feel more at ease. It also provides an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s oral health with our dentists and get immediate feedback and tailored recommendations.

We ONLY see kids.

Children’s mouths are different than adults, and we are dedicated to the oral health of our patients from infancy through adolescence. Our entire office is geared towards making the experience fun and comfortable for kids, from the lobby to the treatment rooms.

We are SPECIALISTS in Pediatric Dentistry.

We are board-certified Pediatric Dentists. Not only did we complete an additional two years of specialty training following dental school, we also participated in an additional voluntary examination process to obtain board-certification in order to provide your children with the highest level of specialized care. 


Our mission is to help your children live healthy, happy lives. Our pediatric dentists are parents too, and treat all of our patients with the same care and compassion they would their own kids. We do everything we can to ensure your child’s trip to the dentist is a positive experience.

Our Team

Meet Dr. Amit Goyal


Dr. Amit Goyal grew up in the East Bay and completed two additional years of specialty training in pediatric dentistry from Temple Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Goyal was accepted in specialty training in 2001 and completed in 2003. While at Children’s Hospital, his training was diverse and included orthodontics, special needs, hospital and sedation dentistry, and teaching.

Feel safe at Northshore Kids Dental

We take air quality seriously for our patients and our staff. We have 4 of these STATE OF THE ART AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM for the safety of everyone!