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Oral care is an essential part of your child’s daily routine. Brushing, flossing, and taking good care of teeth will positively impact your child’s smile and overall look as they get older. Establishing a routine as early as possible is essential and Northshore Kids Dental is the place for excellent pediatric dentistry in Southern California. Our team of dental professional work to educate both children and parents on proper dental hygiene procedures at every visit. We assess the needs of our patients on an individual basis to account for any specific requirements their teeth and gums may have.

Pediatric Dental Examination Procedure

Managing the health and well being of your child’s teeth is our top priority here at Northshore Kids Dental and we love what we do. A pediatric examination includes various attributes to help the dentist receive a full scope view of the child’s oral health. Initially, a visual check will account for any notable weak spots or cavities present in the teeth. Next, the task of x-raying the child’s teeth takes over. This will show structural or bacterial concerns that need to be addressed. The underlying structure of teeth can often hide decay and deterioration that the naked eye cannot see from the surface of the teeth.

Once the examination is completed, parents are informed of and given proper procedures for cleaning their child’s teeth effectively. Provided the child is old enough to brush and care for their own teeth, the pediatric dentist will instruct the child on how proper dental hygiene can help them maintain a stunning smile.


What Preventative Treatments Are Used In Comprehensive Oral Exams?

Prevention is always the best way to ensure your child’s smile stays beautiful and healthy. Preventative treatments from Northshore Kids Dental range from standard dental cleaning to dental sealants used to protect teeth. We can also place space maintainers to keep teeth from moving together when your child loses a tooth and our PRR (Preventive Resin Restoration) services can help keep teeth straight when space maintainers are not ideal.

Can The Need For Braces Or Root Canal Be Determined During A Dental Exam?

X-rays can tell us a lot about your child’s teeth. At Northshore Kids Dental, our professional staff know what to look for in x-rays to determine if your child may be a candidate for braces or a possible root canal. Orthodontic treatments such as braces can help straiten teeth as the device slowly aligns teeth overtime.

A tooth that needs to be extracted can sometimes be saved with a root canal procedure or endodontic treatment. The soft tissue of the tooth known as the pulp maintains nerves for the tooth. This area can become inflamed and very painful. Extraction is the last option, but a root canal can alleviate the irritation while maintaining the tooth. A root canal is something that should only be accomplished by a licensed tooth specialist and our pediatric dentists at Northshore Kids Dental are experts at this procedure.

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