Rebecca Romijn

Hi' I am Rebecca Romijn

Speech therapists for the first time will take a speaking test. Don’t worry, it’s not like a test in school that’s going to affect your report card. This test is a way of finding out what types of speech problems.

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+12 (3) 456 000
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183 Donato CA, United States

Rebecca Romijn

Therapist Assistant

Personal Experience

who has trouble understanding people or has trouble putting words together to express thoughts might have a language disorder condition is characterized by slow or slurred speech due to a weakness or inability to control the muscles used for speech children exhibit speech problems early in their development and parents understandably worry about the child’s well-being and later success in school.

If your child has trouble saying a certain sound “f” for example encourage him or her to just make that sound all by itself. Once that comes more easily you can incorporate it into syllables like don’t be tempted to allow bad behavior simply because the child has a speech problem.

Professionals Skills

Cognitive Disorders 80%
Expressive Disorders 75%
Receptive Disorder 60%
Language Disorders 90%

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